Newborn Photography Training in Lancashire


If you’re looking for Newborn Photography Training in Lancashire, keep reading!

It may be that you have never photographed a Newborn Baby, or perhaps you have done a few sessions but you feel a little out of your depth? Perhaps you’ve done quite a few but you’d love to improve your posing?

I’ve been there, when i started photographing Newborns my photos resembled those joke photos you see on Facebook where the baby is face planting the blanket! I remember my first few babies and thinking, “wow these babies are hard work, this isn’t for me” I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong.

Fast forward to now, endless hours training, practicing and learning and thousands invested in my studio; I’ve photographed hundreds of Newborn Babies and absolutely love my job. I started offering Newborn Photography Training in Lancashire 3 years ago and have been helping Beginners to learn more about Newborn Photography. I want to help you fast track your learning so that you can start shooting and earning money from Newborn Photography.

I offer 1-2-1 Newborn Photography Training specifically aimed at Beginners to help you learn everything from setting up a business to posing, lighting, marketing and everything in between.

You can see more of my work here in the Gallery.


Newborn Photography Training in Lancashire

The 1-2-1 day is completely tailored to you and what you’d like to learn, it can cover any of the below, or absolutely all of it.

  • How to set up a Business – Accounts, Insurance, Terms & Contracts – All the boring stuff!
  • Editing & Workflow
  • Marketing – including ideal client, Branding, Websites & Social Media
  • Preparing Parents – what I say to parents ahead of the session for best results
  • Live shoot with a real baby giving you chance to photograph each setup and take home stunning portfolio images
  • Camera Basics – Helping you understand your camera
  • Simple poses – how to pose baby easily every time
  • Bean Bag and Flow posing- how to move from one pose to another to maximise the different images you can create without moving baby too much
  • Parent posing
  • Posing with a Sibling
  • Wrapping – several different wrapping techniques
  • Flash lighting- how to position baby and set up the lighting to get consistent lighting every time
  • Equipment list and suppliers i use- I wont be hiding any ‘secret’ methods, you’ll get a list of all the equipment i use and best suppliers so you can re-create my setup


  • Exclusive discounted prices for suppliers and software
  • Access to my Facebook support group


Dates flexible to suit you. Usually 9am to 4pm but later starts available.

** I am currently fully booked for 2022 and don’t have any spaces open for training, please contact me to register your interest and be added to the waiting list**


£650 for the full day. Session fees are non refundable in the event of cancellation.

What you will need:

A digital SLR camera and the ability to shoot in Manual- you’ll need to know how to change aperture/shutter speed etc but I will be telling you what settings to use so don’t worry if you’re not an expert! If you’re not confident shooting in Manual we can cover this at the start of the session.

How to book:

To book your 1-2-1 Newborn Photography Training simply email me on or use the form at the bottom of this page and i’ll pop over the booking information. 50% non refundable booking fee is payable to secure your space.