Newborn Photographer in Lancashire

Newborn Photographer in Lancashire

As a Newborn Photographer in Lancashire I absolutely love meeting new tiny babies. Baby Hadleigh was just one week old when he came to my newborn studio in Accrington last week. Hadleigh had a slightly traumatic entrance to the world and came 3 weeks earlier than his due date. From the tale his mum told me about the birth it certainly sounds like they had a difficult 24 hours and had to stay in hospital after mum lost a lot of blood. Thankfully they are both doing great now and it was a pleasure to meet this lovely little family during their session.

With Hadleigh being just 7 days old when i met him he was very sleepy. This is often the case with babies who come before their due date and Hadleigh was very curly just like he was still inside mummies tummy which meant posing him was easy peasy.

When clients arrive I always ask if baby is breast or bottle fed, this helps me to know how long baby is likely to settle for and also how long I have before we have a deposit on the blankets! This happens regularly and theres always spare blankets for accidents but I find that bottle fed babies usually sleep better and don’t tend to explode as often! Either way, we create gorgeous photos but breast fed baby sessions can take slightly longer due to having to clean baby up more often.

Newborn Photographer in Lancashire

Hadleigh was bottle fed so he didn’t stir at all during his session and allowed me to gently move him into each pose without the need to soothe him in between. Grandma, Grandad and his Aunty and Uncle joined us at the end of the session for a couple of family photos, by which point we were totally finished with the Newborn photos because Hadleigh was an absolute angel!

Thank you for checking out Newborn Photographer in Lancashire- Baby Hadley. More information on sessions can be found here.

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