Newborn Baby Photography Session

Thank you for booking Delicious Baby Studio for your Newborn Photography Session. You have been pencilled in the diary around the time of your due date. Please get in touch within 48 hours after baby arrives to let us know (or ask a family member to contact us), then we can schedule your Newborn Session within the ideal time, when baby is 5-21 days old and most sleepy and easier to settle.

Don’t worry, if you are in hospital for any reason and this timescale is not possible we will simply schedule your session as early as is realistically possible.

What to wear

I usually take parent photos as part of my sessions (unless you really don’t want them) so please wear non patterned tops such as a vest/tshirt or blouse with no logos. Neutral colours work best so any natural tones or black/white are ideal as they create the best over all look for your family portraits. It will be very warm in the studio to help keep baby comfortable so you may want to dress in thin layers that can be taken off if you get too hot.

On the day 

The address is:

224 Burnley Road, Accrington, BB5 6HD. The postcode often takes you to Peel Park Avenue- you can park there if you prefer or on the main road and I live just on the big main road if you turn left out of peel park avenue i’m a few doors down.

Call me on 07772699850 if you struggle to find me.



The Session

The sessions take place at my home studio, it is fully equipped with all the professional equipment and gorgeous backdrops and props we’ll need for the session. When you arrive I will show you the various setups and discuss colours with you. If you would like any composite shots like the one below with baby in the heart, we can discuss colours and ideas for this, please let me know the colours you have in your house so I can create something that will look great on the wall and complement your colour scheme.

When you arrive, i’ll ask you to strip baby down to their nappy to get them used to being naked, we will be taking the nappy off when the session starts so you’ll need to make sure they are clean then we can just whip the nappy off as baby sleeps. All babies wake when being changed so doing this as you arrive will help baby stay settled.

If possible, feed your baby just before or at the start of your session, if baby isn’t due a feed we still recommend topping them up to make sure they stay nice and sleepy. This usually results in baby starting fast asleep which makes the session run smoothly and is ideal for your newborn photographs. There will be plenty of time for feeding- and don’t worry- if you’re breast feeding i’ll leave you in private whilst you feed baby.

Relax and enjoy the experience, with your permission, i’ll pose baby in comfortable positions to make the most of their perfect features. The session could take anything from 1 to 3 hours depending on how baby sleeps.


After the Session 

After the session your images will be ready in a maximum of 3 weeks. I’ll get in touch to schedule your viewing session where you’ll be able to see the images of your beautiful baby and choose any products you would like to purchase. Product purchases can only be made on the day of the viewing session as unselected images are archived after the viewing session. Payment is required upon ordering products, payment plans are also available- please ask.

Digital image packages are usually ready within a couple of days from ordering and any products such as prints/frames/acrylics can take up to 4 weeks.

Good luck with the birth, get in touch with me on 07772699850 or when baby arrives.

Kathryn x

Delicious Baby Studio reserves the right to use any image for marketing purposes online and in print. All images are copyright of Delicious Baby Studio even when purchased with permission to print. By booking a session you agree to these terms.