Mobile Baby Photographer Lancashire

Mobile Baby Photographer Lancashire

Being a Mobile Baby Photographer in Lancashire is the best job in the world! I have known Sarah for years after I was best friends with her sister Laura at High School. I hadn’t seen any of them for at least 10 years so when Laura got in touch to say Sarah was expecting a baby and booked me as a surprise from all Sarah’s work friends I was really excited to see them all again. Even more nostalgic that the Newborn Session took place at their family home where I hadn’t been since I was a kid.

Cory is an absolute stunner, he was fast asleep when I arrived and began to setup, but that didn’t last long! Daddy {the baby whisperer} was also on had to lull Cory to sleep but when away from dad he would wake up! I reassured Sarah and Scott that this is normal, most baby sessions take up to three hours, the first two are usually spent with a combination of feeding, changing and picking baby up until they are solidly asleep. Then, as soon as they fall asleep the bulk of the photographs are done. We need baby to be sleeping soundly to get the posed shots, both for babies safety and logistically as a wriggly wide awake baby wont stay where we put them.

After a few hours Cory fell asleep- or we bored him to sleep with rocking and shushing! They all give in, in the end and it was time to capture some beautiful portraits for Sarah and Scott. Cory’s facial expressions and random stretching in his sleep had us all in stitches, trying not to make a noise as he was such a light sleeper!

I had so much fun taking these photographs, it was lovely to see you all again, enjoy the previews





Thank you for checking out Mobile Baby Photographer in Lancashire and adorable Cory’s newborn session, you’ll find lots of squidgy newborn photos in the gallery here.

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