Mobile Baby and Newborn Photographer in Lancashire

I’m a mobile Baby and Newborn Photographer in Lancashire- bringing the studio to you

One very sunny day, I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful and very sleepy Isla Mae to do her Newborn Baby Photography after photographing her cousin Jude a while ago. I had emailed Isla’s mummy before the shoot and advised if she could be asleep when I arrive that would be ideal, to keep the house warm to help her sleep but ultimately not to worry as we have three hours so plenty of time to get those sleepy poses. She told me she had lazy babies so it was highly likely she would sleep right through…..she wasn’t kidding! Isla slept for two hours solidly and doubt a freight train in the back garden would have awoken her from her deep slumber! I’m not complaining though! we managed to get some of my favourite ever shots and mummy absolutely loves them!

Big brother Jayden even joined us at the end for some adorable shots showing us how much he loves his little baby sister. Here’s what we got up to.