Newborn Photography Workshops in Lancashire & Manchester

I have been photographing gorgeous Newborn Babies for over 7 years now, in that time i’ve photographed more than 150 babies – i’ve actually lost count! But just like many people, my first attempts resembled those viral Facebook photos of babies face planting a truck/blanket etc as I just didn’t know how to pose them. Luckily these were just for friends in the beginning!

Fast forward 7 years and I have learned the art of Newborn Photography through countless workshops, online training and practice! I made so many business mistakes along the way and I would love to share this with you to speed up your journey. In that time, I have finished a degree and worked in a Marketing department which proved invaluable when it came to setting up Delicious Baby Studio and finding my first clients.

I have created several workshops, aimed at complete beginners who don’t have a clue where to start as a Newborn Photographer, and those who have been shooting for a little while but feel out of their depth, these courses are for you!