Newborn Photography Lancashire

Newborn Photography Lancashire

As a newborn baby photographer working across Lancashire I get to meet so many gorgeous chubby cheeked babies, and Joseph was no different. I have been DYING to show off this gorgeous Lancashire Newborn Photography since the moment I took them and here they are!

I’m always amazed at how ‘fresh faced’ some of my mummies look just a few weeks after birth and Lauren really put me to shame and thats before she told me about the birth! Just a few paracetamol was all she needed to bring beautiful Joseph into the world.

Lauren and Joe are such lovely laid back people and very easy to be around, lucky really as I was with them for nearly four hours! All newborn baby shoots are different and so we always allow around 3 hours for calming, feeding and changing baby. Joseph was fighting sleep for the first two hours so I captured a few natural moments whilst mum, dad and grandma took turns in sending him off. In the mean-time gorgeous pooch Millie happily fancied herself as a model and took centre stage- i’ve never known such an obedient dog when it comes to posing!

When Joseph did eventually fall asleep he slept like a log and let us pose him, this is usually quite a challenge after the first 10-14 days of birth but he even let us fold his arms for some super cute sleepy poses. Its worth mentioning that safety ALWAYS comes first and no baby will be put in an uncomfortable position or left unsupported, mum and dad’s hands always support baby’s head/chin depending on the pose and we simply edit it out afterwards.

We even managed to get some shots of Joseph and Millie, ‘they’ say you should never work with children or animals but i think we have given them a run for their money here! It was an absolute pleasure spending the afternoon with your beautiful family, enjoy the preview.

Thank you for checking out Joseph’s gorgeous Newborn Photography Lancashire session, for more information about newborn photography head over to the info page.

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